Thursday 24 July 2014

Summer School at the MDF Man's Place!

Morning All,

I hope everyone is feeling good and managing to sleep in this hot weather we're having! Regular visitors will already know my feelings about hot weather so I won't go into that again, lol!

I have a rare midweek share for you this morning because yesterday I went to visit the MDF Man for a taster workshop he was running together with the very patient and helpful Kath.  The plan is to run regular weekly workshops for a very reasonable fee & if you can get there I would recommend them as a lovely way to spend a few crafting hours.  You do need transport though as the venue is not on a local transport route being situated in an old cotton mill in a pretty valley which has been converted into one of the nicest business parks you'll ever see.  Pleasley Vale where they are situated always feels a bit like another world to me and is a conservation area so is subject to restrictions which prevent it looking like your typical business park. Coincidentally my Mum (who will be 86 on Saturday) had her first job in the mill when she left school at 14 but only lasted a few months because of an allergy to the dust.  This link gives you a bit of history if you're interested but I found lots more because there are lots of spooky tails of ghosts ;D.  My daughter and her friend went on a ghost tour there one evening which she said was pretty spooky and I once took my son there to take photographs for his GCSE.  It was a very gloomy day and during the time the mill buildings were unoccupied and I have to say I was very glad when he'd finished so we could go home, lol!

Anyway, back to crafting!  Yesterday we altered one of Rob's (MDF Man) curved boxes and unusually I did not do any stamping whatsoever.  Lots of texture from Grunge Paste and also an embossing folder, die cut handmade flowers (one of my favourite things to do), stencilling and Treasure Gold.

I did have a slight accident (could have been a major disaster, lol) on the way home when half a bottle of brush bath leaked all into the bag my box and other stuff I'd bought were in.  It just got the left corner of the underside of the lid so I have to sand it back and add a bit more TG which is why it looks a bit overdone compared to the others ;-).


I don't do give aways on my blog very often, not because I'm mean, lol, but because I don't want blog candy 'stalkers' (my nickname for them) visiting just for the chance to get their hands on some goodies.  However, I've met some wonderful friends (some are still virtual ones but no less valued) through crafting and blogging and wanted to share some of my favourite stash as a thank you.  I'm really sorry but due to postage costs I have to restrict this to UK commentors only! So, I have made up two boxes of goodies which are both similar in content....

Box #1

Contents include : Tattered Angels Nature Glimmer Glass Album kit including
                            Album, ribbons, 2 Glimmer Mists, metal embellishments, pack
                            of Glimmer Chips, Butterfly mask, tags/paper & ephemera
Also :                   Dreamweaver stencil
                            TCW template
                            Acrylic tags & shapes
                            MDF butterfly & heart
                            Stamps x 2
                            Selection of metal charms, embellishments & vintage watch parts
                            Sticky backed gems & mosaics
                            Selection of beautiful lace.

Box #2

Contents include : Tattered Angels Travel Ledger Album
                            Eco Green acrylic paints x 2
                            Stamps x 2
                            MDF large butterfly & heart
                            Kraft gift bags (for decorating) x 2
                            Spellbinders Impressabilities stencil
                            Prima stencil
                            Sticky backed gems & Mosaics
                            Acrylic tags & shapes
                            Selection of metal charms, embellishments & vintage watch parts
                            Selection of ribbon & beautiful lace.

All you have to do is leave a comment so that I know you'd like to be included in the random draw.  I am grateful for every comment and every follower on my blog and I know that, like me, some people visit regularly but often don't have time to comment but I hope this time you'll be able to so I can include you in the draw.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS GIVEAWAY OR BROADCAST IT IN ANY WAY.  I want the winners to be people who visit just because they want to and if any of those happen to be new ones that's great.

I'm only running this giveaway for a short time partly because I didn't get chance to post at the beginning of the week, lol, and the draw will end next Thursday 31 July 2014 at midnight which is the end of my anniversary month.  I will post the winners on Friday 1st August 2014.

Have a lovely week, don't melt and keep the sunscreen handy!

Big Hugs
Lesley  Xx



Helen said...

Your box from yesterday looks gorgeous!! Can't see the disaster at all - on the phone! Thanks for your very generous giveaway chance xxx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Looks like a fab crafting experience Buddy, your box is lovely. We would not have noticed the disaster if you had not mentioned it. Love the colours, Judith xx

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Your box is gorgeous Lesley,can't notice any accident with the box at all :)

Thank you for being so lovely and generous to your followers,a really thoughtful touch.

Donna xx

massofhair said...

Thank you for the link to the MDF Man's workshops, sounds fab. Really enjoy using his products so to see what you made on the day is wonderful.

Love the colours and your flowers are fantastic (they are a weak spot for me as i struggle to get them right).

Happy 7 years Blogaversary Lesley, always a pleasure to visit. Agree with you about the heat, it's unbearable and very uncomfortable, keep cool Lovely:-) xxx

snazzyoriginal said...

That box looks so lovely, Rob always has such pretty and interesting things to alter xx

sam21ski said...

Love how your box turned out Lelsey, what a great opportunity for you to go and have a freebie class with them, even if it was over subscribed - lol

Happy 7th blog anniversary and I'd love to be included in the draw.

Sam xx

Inkypinkycraft said...

your box is gorgeous , love the colours and those flowers are beautiful... xx hope you are ok? xx

steffi said...

Love that box Lesley - and I can hardly see the mark on the lid - wouldn't even have noticed it if you hadn't said. Very generous giveaway too - 7 years!? Congratulations - I've just managed 7 months so far!!

georgina said...

Oh your box is so lovely, well done on 7 yrs blogging, and what a lovely gesture for your candy,keep blogging,hugs Georgina x

Aquarius said...

That sounds like a lovely workshop and the box is gorgeous. What a generous give-away to mark 7 years blogging - good luck everyone. Least said about the heat the better I think sleep deprivation isn't good!!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous box Lesley, I love the flowers & the little cameo. Glad you had such a lovely time.
Congrats on your seven years of blogging, that's an extremely generous giveaway, whoever wins will be thrilled.
As for the heat, I'm thinking of moving to the Arctic!

Moira said...

Looks like you had a lovely play day Lesley I seem to only manage online workshops these days. Congratulations on 7 years blogging I think we must have started about the same tie but I seem to have changed blogs a few times over the years!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Wow, your box is stunning Lesley. I love the handmade flowers and the papers you've used. Also love the embossed papers on the sides and inside and I'm sure the little accident will not show. I've bought three of these to decorate but not done them yet. seeing yours though has inspired me (but I'm just off on my hols, hopefully I will do it when I get back). Congrats on your seven years of blogging, and such a generous giveaway too, I'd love to be included. Two people will be very lucky.

Sue xx
May your blogging continue for the next seven years.

lisa said...

I've just seen a photo of all the boxes on fb, Lesley so what a coincidence to pop by and see yours. It's a stunner. I love the mdf man but thought he just did the papercraft shows. I will have to investigate the workshops, they sound great. We found one of these very same boxes in a cupboard yesterday that needs decorating, now there's something for the summer hols.
Congrats on your seven years of blogging and thank you for the chance to win such generous giveaways. Here's to the next 7 years.
Although I love this weather, I hope it cools a little for you over the weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Lucy Edmondson said...

Happy blogoversary Lesley! How kind of you to do a blog candy draw. Your MDF box is stunning. I would so love to be able to attend those workshops, especially to meet you too, lucy x

veronica said...

Happy blogoversary Lesley - Glenda really does have a lot to answer for doesn't she, it's her fault I have a blog and an FB page as well as far too many stamps and a huge need list too!
I did find out how to do a blog 'sticky' once, think all you have to do is put a future date at the top, but can't remember how you do that, so not really much help there, sorry.
It's a fantastic looking pile of stuff you are giving away,very generous of you

Sandra said...

Congratulations on 7 years blogging Lesley. Glad you were able to rescue your box as it looks lovely. Your giveaway is very generous, thank you for the chance to take part.

Elaine said...

I bet that was a great workshop Lesley. Pity I am not closer would love to join you on those and the setting sounds a very interesting building too. I love your box, what a great design. I am currently decorating one of those for a tea bag box too! Fancy you having been blogging for 7 years. Where has that time gone? Congratulations my friend, I hope you get plenty of genuine visitors. Lots of love, Elaine xxx

Words and Pictures said...

Congratulations on the blogaversary, Lesley - and here's to many more. First things first, I love your altered box - it's just beautiful. And thank you so much for the chance to win some lovely goodies!
Alison xx
(Oh, and if you really want to know about the sticky post - once you've published the post, you just go back in to edit it, and - in the same place as when you schedule a post - change the date of publication to the date you want it to stay there until. Did that make any sense?!)

Lin said...

Cor how lucky are you living that close to the famous MDF man!! Your box is beautiful..but I can't for the life of me imagine how you didn't smell the bath stuff..because I have to hold my breath if I use it!! lol. Hope you get to few more classes they look fun and very cheap :)

Happy blogerversary and here to the next 7 years xxx

Julie Lee said...

Well, Lesley, first of all Happy Blogaversary! Not sure of the spelling (Ha ha!) Congratulations on 7 glorious years! Secondly this is a fabulous box! I love the flowers and that lovely, little cameo too. I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful alterable things from Mr MDF when he comes to Ally Pally , so what a great opportunity to attend a class! The venue sounds fantastic too! This is such a generous stash of blog candy - how kind! I should love to be included in the draw and may you have many more years of sharing your lovely 'makes' on your blog! Julie Ann xxx

Christine B. said...

Hi Lesley, Happy Blog Anniversary,
I just loved your stunning box. Those flowers and the colour were beautiful.
Thank you for a chance to win your very generous blog candy, also thank you for sharing all your stunning makes for the past 7 years. May it long continue. Love and hugs xx ChrisB

G Peplow said...

Hi Lesley, Congratulations seven years of blogging, WOW well done :D Lovely of you to offer candy , Thank you :D
Your trip to the MDF man looks very successful, what a fabulous make and it looks like you all had the best time :D A bit far for me to travel to from down south here but I do get to see the MDF man's wares at Ally Pally and the NEC, very nice stuff!! Glad that you didn't damamage your box too much after all your hard work :D Hugs Gay x

Unknown said...

A stunning box... gorgeous colours & dreamy flowers. Happy 7th anniversary. I have only been checking out your blog for about 9-10 months after I stumbled across you so it looks as if I've missed out on over 6 years of fabulous ideas & inspiration... but there again it's better than never stumbling across you at all ! Looking forward to the next 7

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous, & generous giveaway! I love the box you made Lesley, I had no idea that MDF Man ran classes.
Congratulations on 7 years of blogging!
Alison xxx

Lula said...

Hi Lesley,
I am your new follower and have to say I admire your works!
Thanks for such generous giveaway.

Sally H said...

A stunning box, Lesley! Congratulations on 7 years of blogging, and so happy that we met through blog land xxx