Friday 17 May 2013

Blimey, I made something for a challenge!

Hello blogging friends,

I am very surprised at myself because this week I actually made something for a challenge .... the PaperArtsy challenge to be precise.  In quite a few years of crafting now I think I've only made 2, possibly 3 things for a challenge.  However, I've really been enjoying the fabulous inspiration from the guest designers over on the PaperArtsy Blog and this week has seen some wonderful stuff from France Papillon.  Her second project was a  couple of wooden spool keyrings which I really liked and as I already had the ingredients to make one myself  decided to have a go. 

I'm not going to give any details on how I did it because the wonderful France has done a video HERE showing exactly what to do and I pretty much followed it so here are the photos of my efforts.

The stamps I used are all PaperArtsy from HPXT03, HP1008 and mini 62 (love this little script stamp and I think it was the first PaperArtsy stamp I bought).

It's my little granddaughter's school summer (? what summer) fayre next Wednesday and they are asking for 'unusual' items for their tombola stall so I think I might make a couple more of these to donate.

Have a good weekend everyone and I hope it stays a bit dryer for you than it's been here the past couple of days ........ we have had some horrendous downpours the past couple of nights especially.

Till next time

Lesley  Xx

Thursday 9 May 2013

Playtime Tag

Hi Lovely friends,

I'm hoping Mr Blogger is playing nicely this evening because I tried to do this post last night and got absolutely nowhere.  I couldn't even type in the title box but it seems to be going ok tonight so fingers crossed.

How's the weather been suiting you all?  It's been just about my ideal here for the past week although we've had some gentle summer rain today but I'll not complain about that ..... the flowers need it after all!

Anyway, tonight I wanted to show you a sort of 'fat' tag I made while playing with Grunge Paste and Puff Paint the other week when I was doing my Snazzy's DT canvas.  Before I committed the paste mix to canvas I wanted to try it out together with a new stencil I'd bought and the piece of tag (left over from another Snazzy's DT project) was on my desk so I applied the paste to it just to see how it looked.

After I finished the canvas I decided the tag was too nice to leave so I added some of the PaperArtsy Fresco paints in the same colours I used on the canvas but added more of the darker shades.

I then added a bit of stamping in the form of the bees which are from an Artemio set and the sentiment which is from another clear set but I've no idea who's it is.  I highlighted the texture with Treasure Gold Green Amber down the right side of each stem and Inka Gold in a lovely lilac shade down the other side.

I had a few layers of the Grungepaper flowers left from the canvas too so I highlighted the embossing and edges with the same metallic colours and added the little dragonfly charm.

Finally, I added the pearl pins, the piece of ribbon at the top and the beaded fringe at the bottom.

 I have to say I'm very impressed by the Grunge Paste and the different effect you get when adding the Puff Paint.

Thanks for dropping by today and it would be lovely if you can leave a comment so I know you've been and can visit you back.

Till next time,

Lesley  Xx