Wednesday 11 March 2009

I've got a Lovely Award

I've been having a few problems with a gremlin in my computer (not a full blown virus thank goodness) which has stopped me from carrying out certain proceedures for a while. A lovely lady called Sarah has been today and sorted it out for me so thanks Sarah.

Anyhow, now I'm firing on all pistons again I can post this lovely award which I was given by Kath (Muckypaws). Please give her blog a visit because she makes some beautiful cards and usually adds a bit of a giggle to her posts as well. The rules are to pass this on to 10 people but I don't really know that many bloggers who haven't already got this award so I am giving anyone who is kind enough to visit my little bit of web space permission to take this award for themselves as a thankyou from me for looking. I know how much I appreciate the time people take to visit and perhaps leave an encouraging comment and that's why I try to leave comments on all the lovely blogs I visit. Well done to everyone for adding something to enjoy and to smile about to our crafty world.

Thankyou Kath for passing this award on to me.


Kathryn said...

Hey lesley glad to see your back up and running. the corners are so lovely. Ive tried Glendas tip of making a patterned back ground with them they look FAB x

Phree said...

Congrats Lesley a visit to your blog always make my heart smile!

Jules said...

Hi Lesley

Congratulations on your award - well deserved.

Your Son's card is great! Men are so hard to design for - especially our special men folk!

Love Jules xx

Debbie said...

Hi Lesley, Congratulations on your award...well deserved!
I glad you have fixed your PC are not alone, lot's of people have been saying they are having problems...I think it's just the sheer volume of traffic on blogger!'s lovely to have you back in blogland.
Have a great weekend. Debbie x