Thursday 1 February 2018

Oops, I've been a naughty blogger ......again!

Hi there,

Once again I've got behind with blogging....and I vowed to be better this year...Oh well! 😉

I'm going to go out of sync with my projects today because I am going to share my #3 project made for the prompt challenge with my friends when I know I haven't shared #2 yet.  This is because I am sooooo happy to have finished today's's only taken me nearly 7 years, lol, and it needs a post all of its own as it will be a bit photo heavy.  I'll share project #2 and a few other things I've done in a day or two.

The prompt for #3 was People/Photos.  I decided it was the perfect opportunity to create the scrap layout I started to plan for a favourite photo of our two beautiful granddaughters Alexa and Izzy about 6 years ago.  The photo was taken at our daughter's wedding 7 years ago this coming May when they were both 3 years old.  Izzy was 10 last December and Alexa will be 10 in March....where do the years go?

I don't have any step by step pics as I got carried away as usual and forgot to take any.  I used some gorgeous papers from 7 Dots Studio designed by Finnabair as well as lots of her mechanicals metal pieces and yet more from my stash.  There's some distressing and inking to the paper edges  and a little stamping in the background.

Alexa on the left and Izzy on the right....just love their cute body language!

One of the things I learned from a Finn class was to use border punches just on small sections and I thought the butterfly one was very approriate.  I also used a little flower one.

Collaged paper pieces, strips and other elements from the same paper collection.  There are also a couple of lovely flourishes from Scrapinek that I heat embossed.  Doubly pleased I am using my stash more and not just my stamps and colouring mediums.

Don't forget you can click the pics to see the details better.

 I just loved their pretty dresses, quite different to the traditional bridesmaid.

The main arrangement of embellishments.  I used a fair amount of Treasure Gold to highlight everything and confess I chickened out at using sprays.  I was pleased with it as it was and didn't want to risk spoiling all that hard work squirting ink in the wrong place, lol!  Maybe next time 😉

I love this little arrangement!

The teensy butterflies cut out by the border punch!  I always use them.

I really enjoyed rooting about in my stash finding pieces to fit the puzzle and must try and do some more layouts.......

I couldn't resist a closer pic of those two little happy smiling faces!

Well this was definitely a doting Mamma post, lol!  I hope there weren't too many pics and I promise my next post will have a lot less.  Thanks for bearing with me and I'll see you again soon.

Lesley  Xx


geezercrafter said...

Love all of the bits and bobs you have used to build up your layout. I enjoyed all of your pictures, that way you get to see in more detail all of those intricate pieces you have added.

snazzyoriginal said...

Beautiful layout Lesley with paper from the fab Wonderland collection too! Very much my kind of scrapbooking with lots of different elements to study and enjoy, but with the gorgeous photo of those cute grand - daughters absolutely front of stage X

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh wow Lesley, this is a STUNNING LO!!!! Your little grandies look delightful and I just love how their dresses match the papers you used, absolutely brilliant!!!

Hazel Agnew said...

Hi Lesley. I made a comment on my phone earlier which failed to work, so am back on the iPad.
I love your fabulous creation. A piece of family history to treasure.
You have managed to add lots of frippery without detracting from the beautiful bridesmaids, achieving great harmony. Fab-u-Lous! Xx

Helen said...

I love this Lesley - Izzy and Alexa look fabulous. going back to see the pictures larger now !

Etsuko said...

Marvelous piece Lesley. gorgeous layout and details, it looks so adorable Alexa and Izzy with your design. xx

mamapez5 said...

That is a beautiful layout Lesley. of course having such a lovely photo of the girls to start with helped. It is a long time since I did this sort of scrapbook layout. because my hands and eyes are not very cooperative these days, I have turned to digital scrapbooking, but I still print out each page to put in an album.
How do you store yours? I was never sure if I could put the pages in an album with so many 3D embellishments, and certainly not in the protective pockets I use.
This one deserved to be in a frame and out on display!
Kate x

craftimamma said...

Hi Kate. This is only the second page of this type I've ever done. I've done very little scrapbook ingredients of any kind. These are far too bulky and 3D to store though so would never do many for myself. This one like the other I did fits nicely in a 12 x 12 deep frame which you can get from Wilco or The Range (dont know if you can get them)and will be given wall space .... not often I do that with my makes, lol! Sorry to hear you are struggling with your hands and eyes. I'm very grateful mine aren't too bad for now.
Lesley xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Such a fantastic Scrapbook page Lesley and a beautiful photo of your granddaughters too.

Sue xx

Miriam said...

Oh Lesley...thats gorgeous. It has a lovely, vintage and feminine feel to it!