Monday 13 August 2012

Snazzys Steampunk Challenge

Due to unforseen circumstances Gillian  one of the DT member from the Snazzys blog, won't be able to blog this week, so instead we have a challenge to get you in a steampunk mood ... we want to see your Steampunk Inspired projects. One lucky winner chosen by the DT will win a set of Steampunkery Stamps from Chocolate Baroque.
The challenge is open from now until midday next Sunday and also one lucky person who leaves a comment on the first post over at the Snazzys DT Blog will also win a prize. Gillian will draw the random comment winner via Mr Random.Org at the end of the month.

Last week I had to do the preparation for a new central heating system to be installed by the council at my mum's bungalow.  Bare in mind my mum has Alzheimers and has gone from being fastidious about her housework to doing nothing except hoard so it took my brother and I one and a half days to make everything accessible for the workmen.  It's nowhere near as bad as those programmes about hoarders on TV but it did give me a nightmare that we were being filmed, lol!  Mum gets really upset if she sees us throwing anything away ....... like about 1500 plastic carrier bags ........... 'cos she might need them!!!  So, we sneaked as much as possible into the bins and our cars to dispose of in secret because we know from experience Mum won't even notice what's gone.  The workmen installed the heating in one day (Friday) and whilst they didn't do too bad a job with regards to mess (there was enough there already) it's sure ruined the decorating and we are told there will be a 'man with a paintbrush' contacting us!   Hmmm, bet they're not going to do anything about the ugly pipes which now run all over the place or the wallpaper hanging off the walls where the new radiators are much smaller than the old ones!  Saturday saw my brother and I back at the bungalow to begin the big clean up.  We were there a total of 21 hours between us and we still have to blitz all the clutter and clothes in the bedroom or rather, I do because my brothers feel uncomfortable with that task.  The outcome of all that work is that although we have the satisfaction of knowing that we've made things a lot easier for ourselves to keep clean and tidy, I've ended up with a really painful back :-(   I'm hoping that the exercises the physiotherapist gave me years ago will help because I am seriously allergic to anti inflammatory drugs. 

Anyway, all that work left me with little time and even less energy (I was totally kn.......d) so my make for the Snazzys DT challenge became 'clean and simple' by necessity.  I apologise for the photo quality but it was late(ish) last night when I made it and took the photo and it was already dark.  In real life the colours are more vibrant.  Do hop over and see the other DT inspiration, leave a possible winning comment and perhaps, think about making an entry to the challenge.

I'm off to hobble round and take the dog for a walk for half an hour and then back to Mum's for a bit more sorting.  I know one thing, as soon as I've finished Mum's, my own cupboards and wardrobes are having the blitz treatment!  If it hasn't been used or worn within the past 2 years it's going ............. except for my craft stash or course.............. well, what do you expect, lol!

Have a lovely week everyone.

Lesley  XX


Suzi B said...

take care lesley make sure you get some rest. hope the physio exercise helps.
love this clean and simple card.. lively and colourful!
suzi b xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Goodness - do take care Lesley. I know the collecting/hoarding trend only too well & it's very very hard on those having to deal with the "fall out." Mum got too ill to deal with all my Dad's papers after his death - it was my husband & I who dealt with over 50 years of tax returns etc..... paperwork...... etc........ We had to prove my parents had been married - the marriage certificate was an american one - part of the order of service & thankfully we found it, though we had no idea what we were looking for.
Keeping you in my thoughts.
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Paula (PEP) said...

I rather like your card, espeially the way the balloons reach over the top - & absolutely love that sentiment!
Paula (PEP)

judith@poppy cottage said...

Sorry that you are suffering so much after all that hard work. Knowing that you have made a difference must be some consolation, but a bad back is so painful. Take it easy, gently does it now.
Your clean and simple take using these steampunk stamps is great, and a very clever use of this fabulous sentiment as well.

Judith xx

Aquarius said...

My goodness you have been busy - do take care of that back especially if you can't take anything to relieve it. Gorgeous card - love steampunk.

Netty said...

You certainly have had a busy time of it Lesley and do hope the meds give you some relief.
Loving your CAS card, fab design. Annette x

Christine B. said...

Hi Lesley you sure have had a busy time.Hope your back inproves quickly and the exercises help. Your card is lovely. Take care Love and hugs ChrisB

Beryl said...

I don't envy you at all having to sort out your mum's stuff. Just hope your back gets better soon without resorting to medication - especially as it doesn't agree with you.
Clean and simple Steampunk works for me. Would have been fun to see some balloons like among the other's around here last week.
Beryl xx