Saturday 3 December 2016

It's PaperArtsy guest blogger time!

Hello Everyone,

For the past week over on the fabulous PaperArtsy Blog there has been lots of inspiration and wonderful projects for Topic #23 - Bleach techniques which was introduced brilliantly as always by Darcy HERE.

I love the effects you can get using bleach on paper, card, inks, etc., and have tried out various different combinations in the past.  I even have a pad which has some sort of product that removes colour that you can use as an 'ink' pad for stamps.  In all the attempts I made I have found the results to be extremely varied.  With some card and also inks bleach barely works at all and often when it does work it leaves a totally unexpected colour behind.  Some of these are lovely and some not so, lol!  I also like 'painting' with bleach if I get the right combination of card or ink  On this occasion I wanted to use stamps and stencils to remove colour from dye ink backgrounds on matte coated cardstock and I did a few experiments using bleach but found that a faux bleach technique using water was more successful.  If you hop over to the PaperArtsy Blog you can see my step by steps on how I created two Christmas cards using mainly Sarah Naumann stamps, sneak peeks of which you can see below.

Thanks for dropping by!

Lesley  Xx


snazzyoriginal said...

Love that blue grey combination, so pretty x

Aquarius said...

I'm off to take a look - I've always had very mixed results with actual bleach, sometimes no effect at all! I think I prefer the water method with Distress inks.

sam21ski said...

You dark horse you!!

veronica said...

of to have a look - bleach is very variable, brilliant when it does work! As a rule I usually found that cheaper card bleaches better than the dearer stuff, and some colours just wouldn't work at all - as you say, water seems to be more reliable.....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant creations!