Sunday 29 May 2016

Wowee! Do I love Powertex!

Hello again,

Yesterday I went to a wonderful Powertex workshop with Alison Turner......what a lovely, informative and oh so patient lady!  It's the second workshop I and several friends have done with Alison.  Last time we explored Powertex Stone Art and I made this ........

I actually prefer this as a piece of wall art rather than on the stand but it still hasn't found a home on a wall yet, lol!

This time we made some fabulous angels.  They vary slightly but are approximately 20" tall and when fully cured in three weeks time they can be put outside as garden ornaments if we want.  I haven't made my mind up yet as she's currently in residence in my hall and I rather like looking at her everytime I walk past.

Anyway, this is going to be a very photo heavy post more as a record for me really so feel free to skip through if you would rather.

Attaching the head/bust to the base using a toilet roll inner stuffed with foil and masking tape.

Creating wings and again attaching with masking tape.  I also gave her a more realistic figure with boobs and waistline ;-).....well, shall we say the boobs and waistline I wish I still had, lol!

Strip of Powertex soaked fabric to create undergarment.

Wings adorned and whole figure covered in bronze Powertex.

Back view....obviously!

Overgarment created.

And here she is fully complete with colour added.  I only added a little at the workshop but decided to add more at home this morning.  I dry brushed PaperArtsy Fresco Jade with a touch of Snowflake mixed with their Metallic Glaze and then added highlights of Copper and Gold Treasure Gold.

Her beautiful face!

The ruffled bottom of the overgarment.

Back the draping!

Doesn't she look regal!

If anyone wants to learn how to use this product I would not hesitate to recommend Alison whose studio is in Stapleford, Notts.  

Many thanks to our buddy Sam for organising our workshop.  It sure was another fabulous day and I hope to goodness I haven't passed on my awful cough to anyone there.

Lesley  Xx

EDIT  You can see Sam's angel HERE and Helen's angel HERE.


Helen said...

She's beautiful Lesley and it was a fabulous day. Hope you feel better soon

Lin said...

like I said on facebook she is absolutely beautiful Lesley you clever girl xx I love the step aby step it will be really helpful when I do mine. I am so sorry to have missed the class and may I add I am still sulking lol xxx

Aquarius said...

Sorry I seem to have missed this - sometimes people who post don't always come to the top of my list which is irritating. This is so beautiful and so much detail as well. I can see you had a wonderful time creating her.

Lynne K said...

She's simply stunning, Lesley! If she were mine I'd want to keep her in the house so I could look at her all the time! xx

sam21ski said...

She looks stunning outside Lesley, you can really capture the colours and the elegance of her amongst the greenery. And those ruffles at the bottom of the base are to die for. Thanks for a fab day xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Wow, she looks stunning Lesley, thank you for putting the step by step photos on here for us to see too. It looks like you had an amazing day. I've stopped and looked at these a shows, but feel that I need to do a workshop before taking the plunge and buying something that will get pushed to the back of the cupboard because I don't know how to use it.

Sue xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is just stunning, Lesley, wish I'd been with you all,

Lucy x

Elaine said...

That looks brilliant Lesley, I can see why you enjoyed the workshop so much. I do think she looks brilliant outside! I am sure you had a whale of a time at the workshop. Elaine xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

Completely amazing Lesley, wow, wow, wow! She looks good enough to be in a museum somewhere....

snazzyoriginal said...

So beautiful Lesley, perfectly proportioned and such wonderful layers of colour x

Inkypinkycraft said...

she is absolutely gorgeous - love her x

Unknown said...

Wow, she's stunning Lesley. Those tattered wings are fantastic, she looks really great with the colours. Clever lady!

Words and Pictures said...

She's magnificent, Lesley. I've seen some of Helen's photos of the day too, and it really does look like an amazing day of creativity and learning. Your stone art is stunning - I hope you'll share some more photos of that too - or maybe I've missed them already... time to go scrolling!
Alison x