Saturday 1 August 2015

What a lovely workshop!

Morning All,

Hope you have sunshine this morning ....... we have ;-)!  It's a tad chilly at the moment but I don't mind that.  The downside of warm sun where we live at this time of the year is that this week it will wake up all the flying ants which give me the horrors.  It's unfortunate (for me) that we live ontop of sandstone so the whole area is one big ants nest and if you're unfortunate enough to be out walking when the little beggars fly en masse it's the stuff of nightmares, lol! All the ones under our patio (trillions of 'em) decided 7pm yesterday was the time to go but at least they weren't in my craftroom like a couple of years ago.  I still spend all spring/summer on the lookout and the first sign of a single ant inside and out comes the powder.  I think I have a phobia ;D!

Anyway, on to the happy reason for today's post! 

This time last week I was on my way to my first workshop with a really lovely and very talented lady and after a really smashing day where I learned lots and had so much fun and laughter with Sue Carrington, Ruth and Kerry, I can't wait for the next one.  Hopefully, it will be mid September time so if you can get to West Hallam, Derbys, without too much difficulty and like what you see here, keep an eye on Sue's blog and Facebook page for details.  Do have a look at Sue's blog if you can.  Unfortunately her old blog was hacked a few weeks ago and she had to start from scratch again so I know she'd love some visits while she rebuilds. 

The project we made last week (and I had to finish at home as usual, lol) was a large canvas board with a triptych of tags added to it.  I am not going to give any how to's as that wouldn't be fair to Sue but there are lots of painty layers using stencils and stamps.  It was great fun to do and I have spent some lovely relaxing hours this past couple of days doing all the detail painting and  decoupaged bits.  I finished it late last night and couldn't wait to take pics this morning so here you go.......

The paints - Fresco Finish, stamps - mainly Jo Firth Young and stencils - mainly Lin Brown, are all from PaperArtsy.

If you click on the photos you should be able to enlarge to see the details.  Thanks Sue for a lovely day and hope to see you again soon!

And I hope to be back with another post sooner rather than later, lol!  I have two of our rascals, Izzy and Charlie, coming to stay for several days from next Friday so that will put paid to grown up crafting for a bit but so looking forward to seeing them.

Have a good weekend folks!

Lesley  Xx


Paula Whittaker said...

looks and sounds like a fab workshop - lovely final piece.

snazzyoriginal said...

What a stunning project, love the co,ours and oh my all those layers x

Helen said...

Will have to keep an eye out for one of Sue's classes nearer home... the outcome of your project is just gorgeous!! I love the colours, and as Val says, oh the layers! So glad you finished it and shared it with us. xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Wow stunning Lesley, I love the colours and stamps you've used. Looks like a great workshop to go to, just a tad to far for me though. I found Sue's new blog the other day and love what I see on there, I'll have to wait and see if she come down south a bit.

Know just what you mean about the ant's we have nippon down on the edge of our patio in the hope that it might just work.

Sue xx

SueC said...

Gorgeous Lesley! Love the 2 butterflies ( understand what you mean re the bees So pleased you finished, and enjoyed the process too! Sue x

Claire said...

Really lovely, fab colours and stamps - love all the layers when you look closely there are so many! X

Margaret Iddon said...

Wow Lesley, what beautiful work.
I have most of these stamps and I just bought the set of canvases from Clarity and I have hundreds of tags so I might have a go at doing something similar. Sue must be a great teacher, although you are a great pupil. 😜😜😜😜

craftimamma said...

You must have a go Margaret! I need to do it again on my own so I don't forget. Best tip is don't forget to dry each layer. If you ever get chance you'd love a workshop with Sue I'm sure.

Words and Pictures said...

Eek - I've recently been dealing with an ant infestation in one bedroom, so I do sympathise!

On a happier front... wow, wow and wow again for your tag triptych panel. It's absolutely beautiful - love the colours. It's clear you had a great time with the wonderful Sue. Fantastic!
Alison xx

craftytrog said...

Wow Lesley! This project is stunning! Glad you enjoyed your day!
Ali xxx