Wednesday 6 October 2010

A Card for my 'Baby' and WOYWW

Hi Everyone and Happy WOYWW even if the weather is trying to make you miserable as it is here!

Well, life's been a bit manic around here the last couple of weeks with ordinary life (Wedding discussions and organisation???) getting in the way of blogging so I'm pretty chuffed that I'm managing to join in WOYWW again today.  If any one hasn't a clue what I'm waffling on about go to the wonderful Julia's blog  where all will be revealed.

This is my desk as of about 8 am this morning and it's not too bad if a tad boring.  That's because I tipped a whole jar of water up last night so had to have a tidy up to get rid of all the soggy bits and dry everything else.  Luckily there were no works in progress on there at the time and my lovely Craft Stamper mags weren't there then either otherwise you would all have heard the screams and bad language (like Oh sh.................oot!).    I was studying that particular Isobelle Norris article last night because it's the inspiration chosen by my buddy Judith for our current Craft Stamping Quartet project. From the bits there can you guess what I'm hoping my theme is going to be?  Last Friday I went to the Artisan show (brilliant show for stampers and beaders) at Leamington Spa and there are a couple of things on my desk that I haven't found a home for yet.  There's also a pile of PaperArtsy and Crafty Individuals stamps on the worktop behind me but I forgot to take a pic of those.  There's a couple of acetate pieces I found whilst mopping up and a piece of kitchen roll covered in Glimmer Mists that was in the bottom of my spray booth after a misting session.  I liked the colours on it so I stuck it to a piece of card for use somehow in the future.  Amazing what you find when you really have to get to the bottom of all those pieces that are just hanging about.  I suspect they'll 'hang about' for quite a while longer too, Lol!

As the desk is a mite boring I thought I'd show you my collection of dies and embossing folders and the like.

On top you can see the Paper Artsy dies I bought last Friday.  Not so long ago all my dies and folders fitted easily into this box but then my Nesty collection started to grow ............. and grow and then Sir Tim Holtz decided to get together with Sizzix and now ................ I have dies stashed in the box my iron came in

and piled up on the windowsill

I think I need a much bigger box and of course, I'm being sorely tempted by the new lot of dies that have just come out,  Aaaarrrgh!!!!

Wow, this is turning into a long post so if you are still with me thankyou because I want to share a card before I go get some dreaded chores done.  It was my 'baby's' birthday at the weekend.  She was thirty (God that makes me feel ancient) and a while ago after rewatching Dirty Dancing for the 'nth time I said I ought to stop calling her Baby but she said she liked it as it made her feel special and safe so 'Baby' it still is, Lol!  Here's the card.

and a close up of the tag.  I love that TH quote!

Well if you stuck with my waffle to the end you deserve a medal, Lol!

Have a lovely day everyone and guess what,  the sun has come out and I have blue skies!  Lovely!  Shame I have to go and clean the bathroom though, yuck!

Lesley  Xx


Diane said...

I have never seen so many dies in one could open a shop!

Diane 67

Anonymous said...

Beautiful things on your desk Lesley and I think your die collection is to die for, lol! Sorry, bad pun! Beautiful card too, it's really lovely.

Brenda (105)

Aquarius said...

thanks for sharing your work desk with us this week and I thought I had lots of dies and embossing folders but I think you may be ahead of me!! The card for your daughter is beautiful, particularly the sentiment on the tag.

Unknown said...

of course I stuck with you to the end LOL!!

I love that TH quote too. Jo used it on my 40th card. Its just perfect.

I'm loving the look of that Twiddlybits bird cage. may have to do a search to find one for myself!

Hopefully see you on 16th.



judith@poppy cottage said...

I know what you mean about the dies, my collection is getting out of hand too, and it's not as big as yours, I don't think. Where do you put them all? The birthday card is beautiful, and I should think that your girl loved it. Time flies, and those babies grow so fast, don't they? We still want to wrap them up in cotton wool though.
I love those pieces that you've done possibly on Kraft paper? With the EI bird stamps, might have to quiz you about those, they're lovely. Have a good day, my friend, Judith xx

Suzi B said...

Oh wow! what a lot of dies... green? moi?... yes! :)
I love your daughters card..gorgeous!
Sue B x

Sue said...

Hi Lesley
lovely crafty desk, oh so any dies, n so tidy,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (2)

veronica said...

beautiful card Lesley - and I love the Tim qoute too. Doesn't time fly, my youngest was 30 this year too! while I feel decidedly decrepitdon't think am anywhere near ancient yet!

lisa said...

Wow, look at all those dies and Nesties. I'm coming to play at your house, Lesley. All my Nesties, embossing folders and cuttlebug plates fit into one a4 box!!! I think I need to expand my collection.
Your daughter's card is truly beautiful. I adore the tag.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Lisax

Helen said...

Yes, you need a bigger box for yur dies! Love your daughter's card, hope she had a lovely day.

Unknown said...

OOOO Yummy dies and that card is fabulous!
Linky #27

Spyder said...

Well, at eight this morning your desk looks far better than my dining table (which still looks the same0 and my craft room which....still looks the same! love all your crafty-ness have a good woyww!

Suzanne C said...

Wonderful card. Love the torn bit in the middle. Had to pop it open and take an up close look. Beautiful! Your desk looks like mine in the midst of something. :)

Carola Bartz said...

I love the tag and all those dies you have - wow!

Jules said...

Hi Lesley

I stayed to the end .. .. do you have my address for my medal?

What a treat your post was. I really lost myself in everything.

How come you manage to make everything look so interesting .. .. even when it involves a tea-towel?

Gorgeous stash photographs and lovely makes too.

Love Jules xx

Annie said...

What a gorgeous card and tag.
A x

Sherry said...

Your desk isn't boring at all! It's full of lovliness - LOL. You remind me of myself - I've recently found a tray for my Sizzix Alteration dies - I used to keep all my Big Shot stuff tidied away in the cupboard, but I now use it so much more (thanks to Tim!!)

Love your Baby's card - so gorgeous!

Thanks for already coming to visit my desk (which this week really IS boring - lol) Sherry - 117

Unknown said...

I stayed till the end too. Thanks for the snoop.

Maggie's Crafts said...

Beautiful card! :) And love the dies collection!

Thank you for sharing.



Sarah said...

wow - what a desk. Lovely card - made with love - just fab...

Sarah sasa 18

Terry Blais said...

Beautiful card. I bought a storage box for my Sizzix dies - they come in three sizes and are really nice! Now to find something for my embossing folders....

Terry #125

JoZart Designs said...

I got to the end of your post and it was a good read! I love a story especially when it's craft related! Heh Heh!
Now I want to know if I can come to play, please? There must be so many dies I haven't got and I could check if they work for you!
JoZarty x (33)
Don't miss my blog candy!

Val said...

Hi Lesley -

A beautiful card for your daughter, as of course all your cards are.

I can sympathsize of space for dies - I have two huge boxes, and more coming!! I wonder - have you ever thought about the cost of everything in your craft room!!!


Zue said...

gorgeous card and tag
sue xx88

Phree said...

Oooooo look at all them dies - just colour me GREEN! Love the card you made for your "baby", it's beautiful.

Daniele said...

thats a serious amount of dies you have there I loved artisan great show
thanks for the peek
hugs from #45

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I don't have a way to use dies and even I'm envious! These make a great photo, too.

I often worry about people who craft near their computers. I'm glad to see there is no keyboard in sight and all the soggy is now cleaned up. (#1)

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah but it doesn't look as though you had a spil last night - that just goes to show - and the plans you're making suggest major organised mind stuff to me! Dies - shoot, the biggest of my storage you - I could STOP buying them....HA!!

Claire said...

Great lot of dies you have there! Such a shame about the water, somehow I also manage to have similar catastrophes but thankgoodness nothing got ruined.


Elliefantasy said...

That's a lot of dies! Don't worry about the spill, its happened to me more than once, and its always been coke and not water, so its extra sticky! Great desk, see's you next week, Elliefantasy xx 129