Wednesday 13 January 2010

That's My Boy!

Just a quick post for now as I have a little bit of news I want to share. Regular visitors to my blog will have seen the pieces of artwork I have posted that were by my son, Jamie, and after much badgering by me he has finally started his own blog.

If any of you get the time, please pop over and leave a little comment of encouragement if you can.

If this link doesn't work the one in my blog roll does.

Thankyou lovely people.

BTW I hope you are all safe this morning. We have black ice everywhere on the roads and pavements. I haven't been out but my friend rang to warn me and said there has been a 5 car smash near our local Asda and it's impossible to stand on the pavements. Please be careful everyone.

Warm Hugs
Lesley Xx


brenda said...

Hi Lesley

Will go check him out now.

As you say, the roads and pavements are dreadful still. We live up a single trach farm road in the middle of nowhere and yesterday a lady skidded stright off the track into one of the farm building. Luckily she was OK, just shook up, but just proves how slippery it still is.

Think we had every police car and fire engine up our track for a few hours, good job we did'nt need to go anywhere.

B x

Unknown said...

I am off to check it out now!

Beryl said...

I'm so glad he started this blog. I'll be looking forward to seeing his work as he posts it. So talented - he must get it from his mum.
We've got a few inches of snow here now but are still very lucky compared to most. Keep warm and safe.
Beryl xx

Caz said...

Just been and had a look at Jamie's were right to bug him till he created one! His artwork is very good!
We're still snow/ice conditions too. Hubby tried to get into work this morning and had to abandon the car and got a lift part way home!
Keep safe and warm

Michelle said...

Had a look at Jamie's stuff really like the body prints. WIll pop back later. Thanks for your comments on my blog, and you were almost right, the tag was from a prima stamp set, so if you want the tag, it's yours. Just let me know your address and I'll pop it in the post. No probs if you dont want it though, I will put it in my collection to use for wrapping.
Love your Tag - so pretty!

lisa said...

Well done on badgering him into having his own blog, his work should be admired, it's great.
We had the awful black ice too, even the gritters were getting stuck round here!! I was warned by a neighbour so we didn't set foot outside all day!


jamie said...

Thanx Mum for the 'bigging me up' and the comments.

You will have to bare with me though as I'm still getting used to this and also trying to find the time.

Jamie XX