Monday 18 January 2010

A 'Love' Card and (most) of My Craft Stash

Hi everyone. I hope you are all making the most of being snow free. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the snow we are told is coming on Wednesday doesn't turn up just like the buses and the postman didn't last week, Lol.

I got the inspiration for the card I'm sharing tonight from this card by Linda Elbourne. Please take a look at her fantastic blog if you don't already know it. The heart stamp I used is from one of Elusive Images new romantic themeplates, as is the 'Love' stamp on the little tag. I originally intended the card to be a Valentine's card but my DIL has asked if I can make one as a Wedding card for a wedding they are going to in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the inspiration Linda. I'm really pleased with this card.

After I dismantled our very big Christmas tree that we have in the conservatory every year, I had a pretty good tidy up in there as my craft stash had got in a terrible mess. I also re-arranged things a bit to try and make my stash more accessible. Hopefully, this is only a temporary measure as I am hoping to have some nice cupboards and a proper crafting work surface (I use my dining table at the moment) fitted in the very near future but for a bit of fun I decided to take photos of how it looks at the moment .................

and then I went round the rest of the bungalow taking photos of the drawer and cupboard space I've commandeered in the 2nd bedroom .................

and a set of drawers I've squeezed into the little 3rd bedroom.

I have a nasty feeling I'm not going to get enough cupboards in my conservatory to house it all, Lol! Oh, did I mention the stuff I've hidden behind the dining room doors? I forgot to take pix of those little nooks. Oh dear, I think I have a problem (addiction more like it)!!!

Take care everyone and thanks for visiting.

Lesley Xx


Lynne K said...

Beautiful card, Lesley. Black and white with just a touch of red is so effective.

Don't worry, you're not alone with the distribution of stash. My house looks just the same, in fact it's probably worse!

Elaine G said...

Gorgeous card Lesley, very dramatic and classy and that little touch of red is perfect.

As far as your stash is concerned, it does look like you are going to need plenty of cupboards, but I bet you will have great fun getting it just the way you want it in your conservatory.

Elaine xx

brenda said...

Hi Lesley

So very stylish, black and white is always stunning to my mind and with that hint of red even more so.

I do hope you are not 'homeless' for too long, nothing worse for getting your mojo working properly'

B x

veronica said...

very stylish card Lesley - bet it is the most original wedding card they get! love the colours.
So nice to know someone else has taken over the house - my OH swears that if there is a anyhting nearing a flat surface, I dump something on it....have left a table and the oven clear tho!!

Suzi B said...

Love the card Lesley...
my stash is all in one room ... but I'd hate to publish a photo... I reorganise ..OFTEN! but still its not right. I need more space ... Addicted? who? me?

Suzanne C said...

Stunning card! So elegant with the black, white and red! Works beautifully for either a wedding or valentines.

Your stash being all over the house must be so difficult to craft. I am all jammed into one corner of a room which makes it so convenient to get everything. :)

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Wow!! That is take-your-breath-away stunning, Lesley! The smartest card I have seen for a while.

And I thought I was bad with my craft stash! lol - At least it looks fairly organised, even if it is hard to keep track of!

Chris xx

Aquarius said...

Love this card - so elegant. Have you ever considered buying another house to store your craft 'stuff' - I know I've thought of it from time to time LOL!!! I 'm convinced 'stuff' breeds and multiplies when you're not looking.

Sally H said...

stunning card, Lesley! that plate is going to have to go on my wish list! I might have to borrow that design for my nephew's wedding which is fast approaching!

Beryl said...

I know it spread all over the house but to me it seems disgustingly tidy. Try as I might - I can't keep my crafting stash tidy. Your card is gorgeous - very elegant and will make a wonderful wedding card. It's just starting raining here - hope it doesn't turn to snow as I'm off to pick up my new car tomorrow and it's nearly two hours away.
Beryl xx

Unknown said...

Lesley ... I am sooooo proud ... did I really inspire that beautiful card ... it really is beautiful and you have just inspired me right back ... I am going to have another dabble and play with the colours and hopefully come up with some wedding cards too.
As for the mega tidy up ... it all looks fab ... I would sooooo love to have a rummage ... pat yourself on the back hunny - a great job all round!!!
Did I tell you I was chuffed ... I really am very chuffed ... you have made my day X

Jules said...

Hi Lesley

A truly beautiful card. I think there will be a few versions of this being made over the next few days!!

As regards your lovely collection of stash and your storage problem. Have you considered a portacabin in your back garden? LOL!!!

Love Jules xx

Val said...

Stuning card Lesley - and so elegant.

Well my craft stuff is not around the house, and I have recently started a tidy up, and aboput half is done. I am just debating what I can do with the rest. I have a desk along one wall, with drawers that are full and racking and drawers on anonother wall that is also full. OH has left me a roll of balck bin bags!!

Shirley said...

How absolutely elegant, Lesley!! and your Craft Area is way too neat!! LOL

lisa said...

Hi Lesley.
What a stunning card. I love the hearts, they're gorgeous. It makes a very "grown up" card. You've inspired me to try something different fromthe the usual red hearts this year!!
I had to smile at all your stash. I think all of us not lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room have this problem. I'm hoping to have the spare bedroom converted this year, it's only small and will have to double as a cake decorating room but it's better than having stuff all over the lounge like the present.
By the way, I love that blue swirly tote. I saw one of those at the Harrogate show last year but had run out of pennies by then and have been coverting them ever since. I've not seen them since!!