Sunday, 20 January 2019

General catch up of makes with new stamps

Hi again,

I've had lots of treats of new stash over the past 4+ months and barely scratched the surface of using them but I'm trying hard, lol.  Today my post is a catch up of the none Christmas makes I've managed recently.

My first piece is a tag (obviously, lol) created using one of the fab AALL & Create stamps by Tracy Evans plus one of their stencils.  I made this last year and I think I had already done a blended background on the cream tag and had it lying around on my desk.  I have absolutely no idea what inks I used for the background, lol!    I did some stencilling and background subtle stamping.


 I stamped the flower onto the tag and also separate card then coloured it.  I think I used Amsterdam Inks and then added the white doodling, cut it out and added it to the tag.  Finally added extra word stamping, doodled round the edge with a black fine liner pen and added the word sticker.


I created this card about the same time as the above tag, just trying out the gorgeous new stamp.  It's a large A4 stamp so you have to practice a bit to get to know how best you can stamp with it.  I'm usually pretty good but this time I moved the card and smudged the image a bit but I didn't want to waste it so went with the flow, lol.


 I think I must have used mica powders to blend over the background then I stamped the butterfly onto separate card and coloured it and the flower with metallic watercolour paints.  I added some thread before sticking them to the card then stamped and cut out the words.  Matting and layering to the card base and finito! 

  Back in November I went to the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate and I bought a set of Brusho SprinkleIt powders but it took me till after Christmas to try them out.  I'm not sure they are worth it yet and if you are a lover of 'in your face' bling I would say these are not for you but I only like subtle when it comes to glitter and sparkle so I think with more play time to get to know them better I might get to enjoy these.  I used one of my try out backgrounds for the card below.

 This background is created with normal Brusho crystals very sparingly sprinkled onto damp card then spritzed.  I dried between each colour application and finally added some of the pearl SprinkleIt to the last layer.   I stamped a chosen area from a gorgeous new A4 AALL & Create stamp and then added some white texture paste through two different AALL & Create stencils but forgot that with Brushos being water reactive the paste soaked up colour from the background.  To make the texture more visible again I used Treasure Gold to highlight, copper on the circles on the left and a ruby colour on the textured areas on the right. 

 I added a tiny bit of colour to areas of the butterfly and some white doodling and a few white paint splatters then did a bit of tinting to one of Tim Holtz Paper Dolls before adding her to the piece.  A bit of graphite pencil to create shadowing around her made her stand out a bit more and lastly I stamped the words to cut out and add.  I edged the piece with black and matted and layered onto the card base.

 My final share today is using a new stamp from Chocolate Baroque.  I think it's quite stunning.  I used another of my Brusho and SprinkleIt test backgrounds and this one has one of the very subtle glitter powders on it.  If you click to enlarge you might be able to see it.

I loved this background as it's not often I can get 'subtle' with Brushos as the colours are so intense.  I didn't want to cover it up with too much colouring of the image so I just did some shading with Polychromos pencils in specific areas and was so happy with the result.  I also added a light shadowing around the image to give a little dimension then stamped the Chocolate Baroque sentiment and inked with black around the edges.  Matting and layering to complete the card.

 Right,  I think that's me caught up although I could have missed a couple of makes I've forgotten about, lol.  I must try harder to be more productive, lol, as I still have a lot of as yet unused new stash to play with.    I'm not promising but I'll try to keep up better with blogging, lol!

Lesley  Xx


Helen said...

great catch up Lesley; worth the faff with your photos!

Aquarius said...

Another great selection of catch-up. Ibet you have loads of 'stuff' you've had for years which has been neglected too. No need to ask me how I know this:)

butterfly said...

Ooh, lovely creations with all your new toys! The Chocolate Baroque stamp is really stunning, and I love your AALL & Create creations too.
Alison x

Etsuko said...

These are beautiful cards and tag Lesley,love how you have used various stamps and stencils and fab colours combination. xx

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