Monday 5 October 2015

Checking Brusho colours!

Goodmorning All,

Well, we've had a typically British change in the weather this morning and instead of a lovely misty Autumn morning we have a very dark, dreary one with wind and rain.  We have been spoilt for the past couple of weeks with days of my personal favourite weather but I knew it wouldn't last long, lol!

Anyway, I'm going to brighten things up a bit by sharing some colour swatches I did yesterday to check out the colours of my little pots of Brusho crystals.  I've had them for about a year but never really checked the colours properly so thought I'd share them here.  Bear in mind the colours might vary a bit depending on individual monitors.  I've used the same watercolour paper throughout and simply spritzed the paper with water, sprinkled a very few crystals of Brusho and spritzed again.

                                                     Brilliant Red                        Scarlet   
                                                        Lemon                          Yellow

                                                      Turquoise                        Ultramarine

                                                         Purple                               Black

                                                    Leaf Green                          Emerald

                                                       Orange                          Dark Brown

All the following colours are from the earthtones set which my friend Sam (she did a little Bistre test here) and I were wondering if they are brighter than the Bistres.  I don't have any Bistre powders and have only seen them on things crafters have shared online so my monitor or tablet probably don't give a true indication but I do think these look quite earthy and so does the Dark Brown above.  I'd still like some of the Bistres but not in the huge pots they're currently sold in.........there's enough in there to last 3 lifetimes, lol!

                                                    Rose Red                         Terracotta

                                                    Moss Green                       Yellow Ochre

                                                      Lime Green                    Olive Green

                                                     Burnt Sienna                    Sandstone

I do love these little magic crystals but think there are a few colours I could have managed without as you can see some are very similar particularly the reds and the Ultramarine is exactly like the Turquoise with speckles of Purple.  I love the ones that have different colours in them for spritzed backgrounds but I think to get the true colours you would have to dissolve and mix the crystals in a palette and paint on with a brush so when I have time I'll try that out as I do like to watercolour images occasionally.

Hope some of you might find this handy if you haven't succumbed to Brusho powders.

Sadly,I have a neighbour's funeral to attend this morning but I'll be back sometime later today with my tags and ATCs swaps for this month.

Lesley  Xx

PS  I have no idea why Blogger moves the colour names across when I publish as they are centred in the draft!  Winds up my OCD, lol!


lisa said...

Morning Lesley. It started off misty here but is now just wet and miserable too. Like you I adore those gorgeous Autumn days we've been having. Lets hope they make a return before winter sets in, I still have lots to do in the garden.
Aren't Brusho's fab? I love them, especially the black. It's like magic when it splits into all those beautiful colours.
Not a nice day for a funeral, I hope it goes off ok.
Hugs Lisa xx

sam21ski said...

Pretty much the same weather here - raining!!

Great experiment, and as you know, I think they are pretty much the same. I'm certainly not rushing out to buy those huge pots of bistre, although Leandra did say she might decant and sell in smaller pots, so you never know at Donny, you might succumb!!

Ruth said...

Morning Lesley, fab swatches, all my reds are the same too, I thought I'd been given a faulty pot but glad to see you've had the same results. I'm going to play with mine today mixing with the new bistres that fell in the basket! Lovely to catch up with you on Sat. Hugs Ruth xx

Aquarius said...

We have the wet and windy stuff here too - certainly been spoilt for a couple of weeks with all the sunshine without too much heat. Thanks for sharing your experiments with these crystals - to my shame I've not used mine since a flurry when I first purchased them - what are we like??

Helen said...

what a great idea, Lesley - I think I should do one of these too... The bistres all have brown undertones, so aren't as bright, as the brushos. I think apart from some of the close matches, you've got a good spread of colours. I'll try and do a test some time..

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Weather is pretty awful here as well Lesley. I love your playing with brushos, I've been playing with mine recently and quite like the results that I got. I especially love the way the black reacts when sprayed with water.

Sue xx

veronica said...

have been meaning to do these ever since I got my brushos - and still haven't done it! Maybe now you have reminded me.............
my favourite has to be the black, so many colours in it!

Etsuko said...

I have only 12 colours brusho set, it was the sample that would be helpful Lesley. Thanks. xx