Sunday 14 June 2015

Geometry was never my strong point!

Hi everyone,

Phew, it's been a while since I got to post anything and it's not that I haven't made a few cards but chump that I am I kept forgetting to take photos, lol!

Anyway, I now have my swap tags and ATCs to share ....... and I'm very early for once, mainly because I knew I had a fairly busy month coming up and also because I got a crack on with them thinking they were going to take me ages because of the theme this time which is ...................GEOMETRIC!!!  Now this is a topic/subject which struck fear into me at school, second only to algebra, but once I got started my tags and ATCs came together quite easily and I really enjoyed doing them.


I completely forgot to make notes of what I did on the background so for once you just have a few photos and I won't be boring you with the basics, lol!



Thanks to Chris for setting this theme as I ended up enjoying getting out of my comfort zone!

Bye for now!

Lesley  Xx


Suzi B said...

Great ATC's and tags Lesley I especially love the blue and green one
Suzi B xx

Unknown said...

Very nice Lesley- my favourites are the blue tag and the atc on the right, gave up trying to work out what the symbols meant!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Gorgeous tags and ATC's Lesley. It's funny that when we think that something will take ages, that we make it quicker that something that we think will be easy.

Sue xx

Kirsten said...

They're all fantastic Lesley.

Helen said...

I agree, they are all great, but I love the blue and green tag! perhaps I should beg Sam for it!

Ruth said...

Yes bet geometry was never this much fun! Fabulous tags and atc's Lesley, love the second tag! Hugs Ruth x

Hazel Agnew said...

Think that they are very funky Lesley! Second one is my fave too! Thinking of taking notice of your first sentiment as well. Calculus put the fear of God into me! Xx

Words and Pictures said...

I think you've cracked the Geometrics perfectly... bold patterning, and great use of text and numbers too. Love the blue green bubble tag!
Alison xx

Sally H said...

Wonderful tags and ATCs Lesley! Love them all!

G Peplow said...

Geometry would have stumped me too but you made some brilliant tags :D xx