Wednesday 16 November 2011

2nd November DT project for Snazzys

Good morning again lovely visitors,

Today I'm showing my second project using products from Snazzys over on the Snazzy DT blog so thought I'd share a sneak peek with you again.  I hope you have time to pop over for a look.

Unfortunately for my poor neglected blog, everything I've been making recently is for very special people in my life who have special events over the next few weeks so I can't show them on here yet but I will share them soon and speaking of 'Special Events', we are now getting rather excited about the impending arrival of our new Grandson.  He's actually due on the 3rd December but his Mummy (my lovely 'baby' Jenna) has been told it could be any time during the week before so as her hubby is away on a training course that week, she (and her bump) and our gorgeous Izzy are coming to stay with us for the week ............. just in case!  I do hope he's born while they're staying with us ....................... that way I can be on hand to help out and look after Izzy and still maybe get a few minutes in my craftroom now and then .............. maybe ............ do you think, lol!

BTW I've been meaning to ask, what do you think of the way photos come up in the black gallery now if you click for a closeup?  I really dislike it and find it pretty useless because the so-called 'zoom' is usually no bigger or closer than the original photos.  I like to be able to look at the details to see how people make their lovely projects and now I can't!  Total disappointment and I think Blogger has a blooming cheek foisting it upon us without so much as a by-your-leave.

Sorry about the little rant, lol! Hope you all have a pleasant, trouble free day and I'll be back with my final Snazzy November sneaky peek on Friday.

Hugs to all
Lesley  Xx


Michelle said...

You've done it again! tantalized me with such a beautiful little snippet of your card that I just had to go and see the whole thing and it's lovely Lesley.
x Michelle

Paula (PEP) said...

Stunning card - have left a comment (er.... mini essay) over there. I'm with you entirely regarding Blogger for I too zoom in & "inspect" photos. Have settled on using WordPress & am going through the learning process to make the move.
Paula (PEP)

mamapez5 said...

Hi Lesley. You caught me with another butterfly didn't you, so of course I went to see the whole project and it is beautiful.
I fully agree with you about blogger, though when I clicked on your 'sneak peek' picture today it did enlarge almost to full screen!? But it was still on that horrid black background. Blogger is very hit and miss. Yesterday I posted on my 'Kate's Adventures' blog with two photos, and it enlarges one and won't even open the other, and they were both uploaded in the same way from the same folder, at the same time!
Kate x

Suzi B said...

Hi Lesley, what a beautiful card.
those paper pads are delightful.
I too am frustrated at not being able to get close up views of photographs.. I'm not so worried about the black, just like to be nosey and see whats going on up close and personal it's educational. :D .
Suzi B xx

Aquarius said...

Beautiful work as I've said on the other blog. I thought the black screen with the photos was a good move actually and when I clicked on your butterfly it came up at full screen height so I could take a closer look. Just occasionally a photo does come up small but then sometimes they do when you don't get the black screen and I still see a few which don't have the black - maybe they are people who haven't switched to the new Blogger interface.

judith@poppy cottage said...

Another lovely project Lesley, gorgeous colours, and fabulous stamps. The frame is really great with the butterfly. I am not a fan of the new photo layout at all. I like to zoom in, must be my bad eyesight these days, LOL! Judith xx

Sandra said...

Beautiful project Lesley, good use of your jewellery! With you on the photos - I too like to zoom in!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats a stunning creation so beautifully designed and i love jewellery added to projects
hugs June x

Suzanne C said...

How exciting to be waiting for another Grand baby! Loved your DT projects. Popped over to see the gorgeous creations! I didn't realize you couldn't see the up close when it opens it like that. That is bad!

Shirley said...

Another winner, but you are probably already feeling like that with another grand baby on the way!