Tuesday 7 June 2011

It's Only Words ................

Oooh, Bee Gees!  I love that song.  I think I might have to get the LPs out tomorrow and give them a whirl on the old turntable, lol!

However, what I'm really referring to in my title is the card I have to share with you.  Debbie, one of my fellow DT members for Chocolate Baroque suggested a friendly little challenge a couple of weeks ago which was to make a card using only word stamps and this is what I came up with.

I used a variety of script and word stamps from Chocolate Baroque (formerly Elusive Images) and even the border down each side was made with a lovely script stamp from CB.  I made the flowers from layers of Tim Holtz Ideology Kraft Glassine and some lovely burgundy tissue paper in which my lovely Daughter's wedding flowers were nestled.  Needless to say I couldn't let it be thrown away, lol!  After scrunching the layers and assembling the flowers I spritzed them with Chocolat Glimmer Mist.

I really enhjoyed myself making this card so thankyou Debbie for the challenge.

As I'm doing a post I'm going to  do a bit of proud Mum boasting and point you in the direction of my Son's blog.  He's not posted anything for a while now (real life got in the way a bit, lol) but he's recently posted some pics of his latest paintings and I think they are well worth a look if you have a few minutes.  Like all of us I know he would appreciate a few words of encouragement if you think they are merited.

Well, I'd better get myself off to the Land of Nod as I can't have any lie-ins at the moment.  I have my Mum staying with me following a cataract operation last Friday and she has to have eyedrops 10 times a day.  I am the lucky (?) person charged with the responsibility of making sure she get them administered correctly.  I'm fed up with the job already and we have another five and a half weeks to go yet!

Nite, nite All,

Lesley  Xx


Jules said...

Hi Nurse Lesley

Well I thought I posted late last night but you take the prize .. .. you won't have got much sleep if you aren't allowed a lie in!!

It was a lovely post though. What a great card. Lots of lovely script and those tissue flowers are stunning .. .. love the colour!

I hope your Mum got on OK with her operation and that her eyes aren't too sore.

Make sure you look after yourself as well as your Mum.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card.
Hope youre mum is recovering well.And as Jules says, make sure you look after yourself too x

Aquarius said...

What a good idea for a challenge and you have come up trumps with this one. Great colour scheme and the flowers are gorgeous. That's a lot of eye drops to administer too. Will take a look at the paintings.

Janet said...

Beautiful card, Lesley. Lovely flowers - glad to see you are a tissue paper hoarder too!

Janet xx

veronica said...

beautiful card Lesley - love those flowers, the colour is fab! cataract ops have obviously changed a lot since my mum had hers done, she didn't have eyedrops at that rate thnak goodness - or maybe she was just lucky...

Suzi B said...

Gorgeous card Lesley, love the script idea and as Val says the flowers are wonderful.
I know how tedious eye drops are! as a childrens nurse it was my least fav. job!they come round so soon! and adults (esp older ones :) can be just as wriggly and uncooperative as children.
Hope everything works well for your Mum and you!

take care
Sue xx

PinksyDoodles said...

Hi Lesley,
your card is stunning and the flowers and truly beautiful!
I shall go and visit your son's blog after writing this comment.
Wow, eyedrops ten times a day, I can see that must be a real chore for both of you, but hopefully well worth it.
Hugs, Clare x

Suzanne C said...

Yowza! Love those beautiful flowers and you re-cycled them which is even better yet! Gorgeous card with just script and beautiful layers! Hope your mum's surgery goes well!

lisa said...

What a stunning card, Lesley. I love the idea of using the paper from your daughter's flowers to make those beautiful paper flowers, the colour is amazing. Now you have it forever!!
Good Luck with the eye drops. It's always hard being the parent with your Mum isn't it!!
Hugs Lisax

judith@poppy cottage said...

Love those flowers Lesley, the colour is stunning. Especially beautiful with the happy memory tied up inside them. It's great how you've managed to get so many words into your card, with the embossing etc too.
Hang in there with your Mum, it's a long ride, especially for you. Here's hoping that you manage to keep your sesnse of humour, and find some time for yourself along the way. Big hugs, Judith xx

Jean said...

Beautiful card Lesley,I just love your flowers. Hope the eye drops routine is going OK, ten times a day seems a bit excessive but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Jean x

Sally H said...

Beautiful card and gorgeous flowers, Lesley. Hope your patient is being good and the eye drops are helping. Your son's art is breathtaking!