Thursday 27 January 2011

Want a little bit of fun? Then PAY IT FORWARD!

WOW! Nothing for nearly a month and then 2 posts in 1 day!  No makes in this one though.  However .............. I've picked up this cute image from my lovely friend and CSQ buddy Judith.  I've signed up for her 'Pay it Forward' so now it's my turn to do just that.

I promise I will send something handmade (no idea what yet but I hope someone will want them, lol) to the first five people to comment on this post.  If you decide to enter you have to 'Pay it Forward' and post this offer of something handmade to the first five people to comment on your own blog post.

The rules are to send something handmade by you to five people before the end of 2011.  That should be enough time even for me, lol, as I don't think I'll have a lot of time until after Jenna's wedding.

Eeek!  I shall feel a right wally if nobody wants my stuff,  Ha! Ha!

Love and Hugs
Lesley  Xx


Anonymous said...

oh oh oh!

Anonymous said...

me,me.....I'd like something if possible ;o)

judith@poppy cottage said...

Count me in if I've made it please! You know I've been busy tonight, and hoping that I would catch this post. Big hugs, Judith xx

Gina said...

Count me in please Lesley. I'd love something you have made. Think the chain will probably stop at my fledgling blog tho'. My e-mail is on guild site.

Gina x

veronica said...

yes please Lesley - hopefully I make it before the cut-off point.
will prob take me a bit to put it on the blog though..........fully qualified idiot in all things computing according to son!

Unknown said...

Think I'm too late, but I'd like to join in too!!!



Suzanne C said...

I would have loved to receive something from you. :) But we know our mail lines don't always cooperate so it is just as well that I didn't make it into the first 5! LOL!

Anonymous said...

blast missed it ! oh well i'll fiddle the swops in the GG somehow then i'll get something lol xx