Saturday 29 August 2009

Not My Own Work (Unfortunately)

Life has been pretty hectic at our little homestead this week. I've been helping out at my old job over their holiday period and I had a lovely crafty day with Jo on Wednesday. We went to Once Upon a Stamp (which is very close to me) for a good browse and some crafty shopping, called for some lunch on the way back and then spent a smashing afternoon playing with shrink plastic, acetate, gold leaf, Inkadinkado Snow Fall set and some of my new Elusive Images Christmas stamps. We didn't actually finish a card (too much chat and not enough work) but had all the bits ready to put a couple together. I will blog mine when I get chance to finish them but...........................

In the early hours of Wednesday morning I got a tearful phonecall from my lovely DIL. They had a pipe burst and the lounge had a huge hole in the ceiling with water running everywhere. Absolutely everything was soaked including all the electrics so I had to go fetch her and little Alexa back here whilst my son stayed to wait for the emergency plumber - thank goodness for home insurance! The outcome is that they will be staying with us for a couple of weeks at least, which is lovely, but not condusive to my getting much crafting done.

So, as I haven't made any completed projects recently I thought I would share someone else's work with you. My son, Jamie is quite a talented artist (he has a Fine Art Degree) and although he is not employed in any artistic field but works as a Personal Development Outreach Worker, a couple of weeks ago they had an Open Day so Jamie did some graffiti demonstrations but onto boards instead of walls. The following are photos of the pieces he did plus a couple of pencil drawings of children in the family (taken from photos).

I'm very proud of the artwork Jamie produces when he has time and keep trying to persuade him to set up a blog but unfortunately, at the moment, spare time is in short supply so I'm enjoying showing it off instead.

A couple of weeks ago I did go to a cardmaking class with Sheila Oliver as the excellent (and lots of fun) tutor and as soon as I have time to sort the photos of the cards we made I'll post them.


Sally H said...

Wow! Your son is so talented! Hope you enjoy your family time, even though it was unplanned and in difficult circumstances. One of these days I'll be tapping you on the shoulder in Once upon a stamp and saying 'Are you Craftimamma?'!

Suzanne C said...

Wow! Your son has inherited your creativity gene! Lovely pictures of your son's work! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Greatly appreciated your lovely comments! Wonderful that you get to have family visiting even if unexepected!

Val said...

Hi Lesley
You obviously have a very talented son - wonder who he takes after!
Enjoy the weekend.

Aquarius said...

Great work - move over Banksy!!! Look forward to seeing your cards when you post them

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Ahh.. no wonder you're so proud of your son! His artwork is fab!

Thank you again for your lovely comments on my blog. :o) In answer to your question, I get my roses from a number of sources.. Ebay, (they have bulk prices available if you want to buy a lot) and I found some pretty ones in Hobbycraft recently.

Happy hunting! :o)

Chris xx

lisa said...

Hi Lesley. You certainly have been having a busy time lately. What a very talented son you have, his art work is great.
Enjoy the time with your family, I'm sure you'll manage a bit of crafty time.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.


veronica said...

now I know what a personal development worker actually does! seriously, they are good - he must get it from you Lesley. hope your family plumbing soon gets sorted - in the meantime enjoy the baby.
I did have a good time at graphicus - unfortunately the bind-it-all workshop had to be cancelled, but that gave me a chance to see something of the castle and museum, so all not lost

Sheila said...

Oooooh what fabulous work.
I love graffiti art.
Love and Hugs

Shirley said...

Wow, Lesley, he is really talented. He could really do anything he wanted with his talent.