Thursday 2 April 2009


It's our little rascal Snoopy's 1st birthday today so I thought I'd do a little post with a couple of pictures of him.
My photographic skills leave a lot to be desired so most of the photos I've taken of him in the 3 months we've had him were too blurred to be useable (he does move rather fast) but here are the best ones so far.
Me and my best friend Tink playing ball.

Have to keep the pearlies looking good. You never know when you're going to need to 'smile for the camera'. (I had changed our toothbrushes for new ones and he pinched this one from the waste basket).

Aren't I a handsome chap?


Gordon said...

Happy birthday Snoopy.
We will have to come a walk with you one day with Harry as we dont live too far away.
Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx

Jo said...

A Snoopy and Harry playday? I'd love to see the pics of that!
Lesley, better watch out what you leave in the waste basket!

Shirley said...

How too cute! It's great he wants to chew on it. Maybe it will polish his pearlies!

craftimamma said...

Thanks for the comments everyone and Rob, Gordon and Harry, I'm sure Snoopy would love a walk together.

Lesley and Snoopy Xx

Lavender Rose said...

Wonderful pics of your lovely Snoopy, especially the ones with the toothbrush, love those!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog....I haven't been following either and missed lots of beautiful creations. Hoping I have more time now to visit craft blogs, Denise x

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Snoopy! He looks to be quite a little character!..lovely pics Lesley thanks for sharing. Debbie x

Deb said...

Gorgeous pics, how cute is your little dog?

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Have a great afternoon, Debx

Theresa Momber said...

Happy Birthday to your super cute pooch!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute... Happy Birthday!!!!

Sheila said...

Oh isn't he just gorgeous. He looks a right cheeky little chap.

Thanks for your comment on the PINK card........there's another pink one today.......I am getting a bit worried about!!!


Phree said...

Belated Happy Birthday Snoopy. Meg and Brock send furry hugs!

Moira said...

He is a fine fella of a chap, my two terrors, er terriers that is, are out in the garden play fighting at the moment hey ho!