Wednesday 29 October 2008

I'm So Sad

I'm sorry if I make anyone who is kind enough to read my blog sad too, but today we lost a beloved member of our family. His name was Benni and we rescued him from the RSPCA a little over 12 years ago. He was a lovely little dog, full of character (barking the other dogs out of the way at the kennels so that we couldn't fail to notice him). He had a beautifully soft silky coat which was a joy to stroke and a wonderful white tail which was always waving like a flag.

Here he is kindly sharing his bed with his friend Tink (our daughter's little border terrier) when she came to visit.

Today's decision to give him peace was the hardest I have ever had to make, because he wasn't yet in any pain (as far as we know) but he was blind, deaf and was profoundly weak in his back legs. Needless to say, he could nolonger go for walks or play and had recently begun to lose his dignity (details of which I won't share). But the worst part was seeing him not being able to find his way round his own home and garden and the vet agreed that it was far kinder not to let him get any more frightened or confused.

I will never forget his wonderful capacity to love people and I don't think I will ever stop looking behind me to make sure I don't tread on him. We are so glad you decided to wander from your previous owners and find us instead BENNI.


veronica said...

I know how you feel Lesley, but there does come a time when the kindest thing is to let them go -but you feel horrible doing it. We only have cats, but have had to have the last 2 put down - the first was old and ill, but the last one had cancer, looked fine, but couldn't eat - even the vet was almost howling, which believe me didn't help! You just have to remember the good times, and at least he had a good life when you adopted him.

sheffsue said...

It's so sad to lose a beloved pet...they come to be part of your family. I'm sure you have taken the right decision for him. He must have given you years of pleasure and asked nothing in return other than to be loved.

Sue x

Adrian said...

What can I say? Just remember all the good times (I'm sure there will have been loads of them). And comfort yourself with the fact that, at the end, you gave him peace when he most needed it.

Lavender Rose said...

Hope you don't mind Lesley but I read your comment on Glenda's blog and followed the link as I am an animal lover and just wanted to say I am so sorry you have had to say goodbye to your lovely Benni. Like many people I had to make the same decision and it is so difficult but of course the right thing to do and you can be proud too that you gave Benni a loving home for the past 12 years. Take care, Denise x

Phree said...

Sending you a warm hug, I know the pain you feel right now, but letting your beloved freind go was the last act of love you could give to him when he no longer had quality of life.

Deby said...

I'm so sorry for you and really do feel the loss you must be bearing.

We lost our beloved sheeby after 19 years - and she was very much one of our babies.

Time will help the pain but the memories you treasure of him will remain with you forever x

Your kindness in adopting him, giving him unconditional love must have truely reflected in his nature x

Take care sweetheart xxxx

Thinking of you

Deby xxx

InkyArtitude said...

Hi Lesley, I didn't want to say anything yesteday for fear of us both ending up in floods of tears and unintentional 'drips' all over our painted surfaces! I was so sad to read your post and it brought back all those horrid memories of having to do exactly what you did when my dear old German Shepherd Degas' quality of life degenerated. It was one of the worse days of my life. But, having got a few years down the line, I now have so many beautiful memories of the wonderful times we had together and you will too, once the pain of loosing your beloved friend eases.
Think nice thoughts and recall happy days.... it helps! Above all, take solace in knowing you had the strength to bestow the greatest gift of all to your friend, the gift of peace.

Moira said...

This brought a tear to my eye, we are so devoted to our 2 fur babies I can imagine how hard it must be to get used to their passing.

On a brighter note I hope you enjoyed last Saturday, I certainly did. I said I would let you have info on the craft shop in north Notts iand I have now found out that since concentrating on the Stencillos they have become a web only shop so not much use to you for bits and pieces after all though they do have a sister shop in Blyth.

Theresa Momber said...

So very sorry for your loss. Our fur friends mean so much, it is terrible to lose one. What a sweet dog he must have been.

Shirley said...

I feel your pain, Lesley. Anyone who has ever lost a member (pet) of their family knows it. He had such a great life with you and I sometimes think they are waiting for us, just like our other members.