Saturday 2 April 2011


Hello Everyone,

First of all may I apologise for my neglect of my blog in recent weeks.  Many of you will know that I am in the thick of helping my daughter prepare for her wedding (only 7 weeks away now) and we are making lots of the  table and venue decorations ourselves, not to mention me making all the stationery!  All this plus associated trips up and down the A1 on an almost weekly basis seem to have robbed me of all my spare time not to mention quite a bit of sleep, lol!

I actually have quite a panic on at the moment because I have stupidly left it far too late to start looking for an outfit and after a whole week of tramping retailers and shopping malls and the internet I am no closer to finding anything than I was last week.  The main problem is that I have allowed myself to put on a lot of weight in the last couple of years and am now into the plus sizes.  Now I can find lots of gorgeous fashionable casual clothes that I would feel comfy and attractive in but formal occasion wear .................. forget it!   If I can get them on I look a right old frump so  if anyone can point me in the direction of a lovely soft loose-ish flowing top/jacket and wide leg trousers or anything similar that is dressy and suitable for but doesn't scream Mother of the Bride I will be eternally grateful.  I have found one place on the internet (or rather my Daughter and a friend have) called Florentynadawn and I think I'm pinning my hopes on them having something ................ anything that I will feel halfway comfy in when I tramp up to Stockport on Monday.  If they haven't I think I will say goodbye all now, lol!  Anyway enought of that I have some long awaited and wonderful news ........................................

The brand new CHOCOLATE BAROQUE webshop is now open!!!!

The gorgeous stamps which previously went under the banner of Elusive Images and other associated Artylicious products can now be bought from here AND there are lots of fabulous new goodies to be had too.  There are some beautiful new stamps some of which I and my fellow Design Team buddies started to showcase on the CB blog (link via the logo in my sidebar) a few weeks ago with lots more stunning stamps soon to be released.  There is also a new section of printable and digi items which are both beautiful and useful.  The store actually opened yesterday but I wasn't able to get online then to let you know but if I were you I'd hop on over there for a look around.  You definitely won't be sorry!  

There's also a fab new forum (that I can't find my way around yet, Ha! Ha!) which does have private group areas for the DT and for the CB Guild members but anyone can visit and have a look and join in general discussion and more importantly have a look at the fabulous artwork that is being uploaded there at a fantastic rate.  None of it mine yet unfortunately as I haven't had time to find out how to do it!  I'm sure you'd enjoy dropping in for a look around even if you don't join in.

Another reason I haven't posted recently is that my old computer is on it's last legs and keeps doing silly things so I've had my first laptop (which I'm typing on now) and I haven't learned to love it yet!  I am quite technically challenged (ahem!) especially when it comes to the piccy side of things and I can't get on with the programme for all my photos.  My lovely son put Picassa on for me but when I try to get at them for inserting a pic or attaching I just can't do it.   Expert help and advise is required from my lovely IT lady I think but for now FINDING THAT DARNED ELUSIVE OUTFIT is my priority!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hopefully it won't be too long before normal service is resumed.

Love and Hugs
Lesley  Xx


Aquarius said...

Good to hear from you Lesley and it is indeed good news about Chocolate Baroque - I think I've managed to find my way with the new group site but there is certainly lots to see on there. I also managed to sneak in an order yesterday for yet more stamps! Very good luck with your outfit - I'm sure you will find something just right when you are least expecting it.

Suzanne C said...

Welll..... Somebody has a lot on her plate! :) All good things it sounds like. Good luck on the outfit for the wedding. Seems to me whenever I have a need for clothes they can't be found and when I don't have the need or the money I see the perfect thing. :) Very exciting about the new site. Will go and check it out!

Michelle said...

Try here Lesley!

I sooo know where you are at the moment! I wore old clothes and bought accessories in Harrogate 20minutes before Liam's wedding. Gentle thoughts coming your way.
x Michelle

Janet said...

How strange that you have allowed your life and family to interrupt crafting! Best of luck with all the preparations. I don't envy you at all - actually, that's a fib, I would love to make my daughter's invitations etc. trouble is she doesn't want to get married! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog over the past months, Lesley.
Take care
Janet xx

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Lesley, nice to hear from you. I hope you get some good luck in finding your outfit. I know at my age it's hard to find anything just for normal wear. So it must be 10 times harder for a wedding. Thinking about you and sending you relaxing vibes.. Hugs x ChrisB

lisa said...

How lovely to hear from you Lesley. Is it only 7 weeks to go, goodness that's gone fast. I shall keep everything crossed for sunshine. Good luck with your outfit hunting, have you tried Mackays, they have some gorgeous things in all sizes. I bought a beautiful dress from them for a wedding last year but it was only on the internet and not in the shops.
What a shame we didn't know each other was at Harrogate the other week. If you go in September, let me know.
Brilliant news about Chocolate Baroque. I've had a nosey at the new site and feel it won't be long before craft pennies are spent.
Good Luck with all your preparations.
Hugs Lisax

ikki said...

Great reading, my are you a busy bee! Following with interest news on the outfit and good luck with the laptop - hope you get both sorted soon. ikki x

Margaret Iddon said...

Hi Lesley
Have you tried Roman Originals- they go up to a size 24 and their xxl fits a 24 too.
They have some shops in Outlet places and also a website.