Thursday 29 July 2010

New Artylicious CD - Essence of Nature

Hi Everyone, I was hoping to start showing you the projects I made when I applied for the Elusive Images Design Team recently but Mr Blogger has decided to give me grief and I'm really disappointed that I can't upload any photos at the moment.

Instead, I thought I'd just tell you about the fabulous new CD Glenda Waterworth has just released called Essence of Nature. I picked my copy up yesterday from Graphicus as I was there on a another brilliant workshop with Lynn (Inky Artitude).  Although I had seen snippets from the CD a few months ago, when I put it in my computer this morning it was the first time I had seen it all. OMG! the designs on there are absolutely stunning with the most beautiful colours. I'll admit to being a real fan of Glenda's work and I thought she would never be able to come up with anything better than the last one but, boy was I wrong.

For anyone who doesn't stamp, you could make a card for any person, for any occasion without anything more than this cd (and your computer of course), adhesive, card, paper and basic tools but if you do like to get inky you can combine these papers with your stamps too. The possibilities are endless and there are lots of very useful, not to mention beautiful, additional elements on CD2 which will co-ordinate with your papers from CD1. Honestly the Graphicus Guild Members are all leaving comments on our chat group as they get chance to pop their CD into their computers and so far they are all knocked out by it.

Anyway, Glenda has just posted a great competition on her blog involving this CD so why don't you pop over there and see what it's about.

Speak to you all again as soon as I can get my photos on here.

Lesley Xx


Jules said...

Oh that's a shame Lesley.

It sounds wonderful.

Love Jules xx

Aquarius said...

Shame about your photos but I will be looking out for them. My CD arrived this afternoon and I'm aiming to look as soon as I've caught up with emails and blogs.

veronica said...

Shame about your photos Lesley -must admit blogger still drives me mad regularly- but you are so right about that cd, it is just fabulous! After a quick flip through, the dawn mist and dappled light are my favourites, will get to see what they all look like properly tomorrow after an ink-buying trip

themessycraftroom said...

Look forward to seeing your pics. I've just ordered my Cd after seeing everyone's comments. x Hugs ChrisB