Thursday 11 February 2010

Ta rah tah tah!!!

Finally, after a week of sorting stash my craft room is ready for me to create in. Just one small detail missing now - I still need a chair! Mind you, I tend to do a lot of crafting standing up anyway so it won't hold me up completely but I am searching for just the right 'sit upon' to park my 'sit upon'. Now I've got everything else sorted out I shall concentrate on getting a chair sorted out.

So, are you ready to be bored?!? Here goes with the piccies.

Here's the start of the units for the long wall being built.

and here they are in position

And this is that area finished with all my stuff in place.

The metal wall decoration was something I picked up from TK Maxx clearance section a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to hang pieces of artwork on. I shall rotate them fairly regularly though because they will fade pretty quickly in the sunny days otherwise and the works of art on there are quite precious to me. There are some ATCs from from various people, several of them from members of the Graphicus Guild and a few by yours truly. The blue piece using the Elusive Images Edwardian Gentleman plate is my own but I messed up the card (can't remember how) so cut the front off 'cos I liked it. There are no less than 5 wonderful works of art by an extremely talented lady, Paula Whittaker. She was having a clear out and was going to 'dispose' of these if no one wanted them. Guess who really wanted to give them a good home - ME! They are gorgeous and if you haven't visited Paula's new blog please follow the link because her work is stunning. There is also a beautiful card and an ATC with a pair of lovely earings attached from another lovely talented lady called Lynne and her blog is also well worth a visit too. Lynne was offering the earings on her blog a couple of weeks ago and I was really lucky to be drawn by the random number generator thingy and received them yesterday. I'm hoping to meet her and her friend Sally (another blogging talent) at Easter. And last but definitely not least, there is a gorgeous tag from Michelle, another wonderful blogger not to be missed. I won the tag by getting the nearest answer to a question Michelle posed. I think that's a first for me - winning a question answering competition, Lol!

These are some more pictures of my inspiration wall.

I love my candle holder thingy. I suppose it's really made to go on the floor but I haven't anywhere to put it where my little granddaughters can't knock it over and maybe get hurt and I love it too much to hide it away so I think it looks quite good up there on the worktop.

This is my main work area, a lovely big island that just about fills the middle of the conservatory. It has cupboards on 3 sides and you can just about see the kneehole on the fourth side. You might be able to see several boxes and little sets of drawers in the photos and most of them I got from TKMaxx clearance section and they are all waiting to be given a makeover - hopefully this will be sometime soon as I really want to have a play at altering them.

Finally, I just thought I'd show you a couple of close ups of some of my treasures. This is the card and earings I received from Lynn yesterday. Aren't they lovely?

and this is the tag I won from Michelle. Another beauty!

I hope I didn't bore you all to tears and that you managed to stick with me to the end. I'm really pleased with my new space and it will be lovely not to have to do battle for the dining table. I just hope my mojo doesn't take a hike now, Lol! I'll hopefully be back with a couple of cards in a day or two.

Take care everyone.

Lesley Xx

PS Don't forget to check out our Craft Stamping Quartet blog once in a while. We'll soon be starting to post the finished projects for this month.


Val said...

Wow - you have a great new space reallyu envy you. Tell me - how are you going to keep it that tidy!

Suzanne C said...

Awesome and I really enjoyed the tour and even getting to see some of your inspirational pieces! Loved it! Great inspiration. I would love to overhall my space and have it look similar to yours!

PinksyDoodles said...

Hi Lesley,
Thank you for sharing your new working space. It looks fantastic! You have plenty of room to create.
I hope you get a chair soon!
Have a great weekend.
Clare x

Aquarius said...

Wow - this looks wonderful and so organised. I'm sure you will have great fun crafting in there.

judith@poppy cottage said...

Looking good Lesley! You've just got to keep it tidy now! I'm failing miserably on that score with mine... Seriously, the space lloks great, I should think you are really happy after all of the upheaval, and it will be nice to get crafting in there now, Judith x

Sally H said...

Oh wow, Lesley! What a wonderful workspace! Looking forward to seeing your creations whilst still doing battle for the dining table!

Beryl said...

You lucky so and so. What a fantastic place to have to yourself and no lack of light there. I am sooooo envious.
Beryl xx

Elaine G said...

Fantastic Lesley - thanks for sharing these pics! Your joiner did a great job - that long work top and the island look like very useful working space. I know you are going to love have this special dedicated space for your crafting, I know I do - well except when it is out of bounds in the winter! The inspiration installation is a great idea too. We'll look forward to seeing your first Quartet project featured there very soon!

Elaine xx

Lynne K said...

Wow, Lesley, it looks fantastic! I'm envious! I wish you many happy, creative hours there, and look forward to seeing you soon. x

Jo said...

I've waited so long to see this amazing sight, Lesley. It's a real dream. I had no idea your island was going to be so big. Plenty of room for two to work, hint hint! Your wall decoration is perfect for that space and an ideal way of showing off your treasures. Is the hearts on rope feature part of it or an extra touch? The pieces from Paula, Lynn and Michelle deserve pride of place here and are sure to inspire you. What a really stylish pad you have now. Enjoy!

craftimamma said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

The hearts on the rope was something I bought ages ago from a shop in Harrogate near Jenna's (now closed down unfortunately) and I've never known where to put it or what to do with it ...........till now!

I can't wait for you to come and have a craft playday in my new space Jo.

Lesley Xx

Jules said...

Wow Lesley - how wonderful is that workspace!!

I hope you are going to keep it that tidy always!!! LOL!!!

I wouldn't dare show anyone where I craft. Part of it is in the smallest bedroom and the rest is all over the dining room table (and floor). If I don't work downstairs then I don't see my hubby!!

I think you will find that your lovely craft space is somewhere that time will fly very quickly.

Love Jules xx said...

Hi Lesley your craft place looks fantastic and so much room to work.Your wall haning is just great and looks lovely adorned with prize cards and keepsakes.
I also wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and for keep coming back for a look. They are much appreciated.
Can't wait to see what you create next , have fun xx Chris B