Sunday 4 January 2009

My Best Christmas Gifts

At the risk of being boring, I have to post a few photos of my two little beauties who made Christmas an absolute delight this year.
These were taken just over a week before Christmas on Isabella's First Birthday.
These next ones were taken amidst the Christmas chaos of 6 adults, 2 babies and 3 dogs in a relatively small bungalow.
Here the girls are modeling their Christmas outfits. We all thought they looked as though they were wearing a uniform for a very posh nursery school
and finally, the newest member of our family. Snoopy, who's helping to fill the big hole left when Benni died in October.


veronica said...

all three of your babies are gorgeous! glad you had a good time with the family - little ones must have thought it was fairyland with all the lights

Phree said...

Beautiful pics Lesley, you grandaughters are adorable. Lovely to see young Snoopy seems to be settling in well - he is a very handsome little chap.

Jo said...

I really can't decide who's cutest! The girls are delightful and look so nice in their 'uniforms'. Memories are made of this!

InkyArtitude said...

What fabulous fun photos. I have really enjoyed seeing your fun activities... it looks like you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas season. Your Grand children are beautiful and little Snoopy is totally adorable. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.
What a great start to 2009 for you, I wish you continued joy and happiness, good health and good fortune throughout!

Shirley said...

No one, no one could be bored by these wonderful pictures. Love those beautiful grandchildren and the pets too! Thankl you for sharing your wonderful takes.