Sunday 31 August 2008

A Day out with Hubby for a Change

Back in May our daughter bought us National Trust Membership for our birthdays and until yesterday we hadn't had time to use them at all. So we said that come Saturday we were definitely going to give them an airing and having done a bit of searching the NT website we decided on Fountains Abbey at Ripon, Yorks, not least because we could combine it with calling on our daughter's little family in Harrogate afterwards.
Well, we certainly couldn't have made a better choice for our first use of the membership. The Abbey is the most fantastic place. It is beautiful, magestic, atmospheric and steeped in history way back to the 12th century. The grounds are stunningly beautiful with a mix of formal water gardens and informal parkland.
I have to say our feet and legs are suffering a bit today (because we are so unfit) but it was well worth every twinge and I for one can't wait to go back hopefully in about a month's time when the leaves have turned.Here are a few photos from the 100+ that I took. I'm not a good photographer but I would think it's nigh impossible not to get something worth showing from such a special place.

The image below is the West Range but in the monks time this would have been partitioned.

This is a view of the Abbey from Anne Boleyn's seat. It's a bit of a steep trek to get there but well worth it.

I couldn't resist these lovely wild flowers which reminded me of Elusive Images Wild meadow stamps.

And finally few doorways and archways I loved. The cistercian architecture is quite severe but beautiful nonetheless.


Jo said...

I think you can be very proud of your photos. They are really well composed. I particularly like the ones of the West Range, the view from Anne Boleyn's seat and the steps through the arch. I imagine the Abbey attracts lots of artists. Who could not be inspired by its bold but beautiful lines? Can we look forward to a Fountains Abbey mini book made with your new toy? It would be a good use of all those photos that didn't make it onto this page.

craftimamma said...

Great idea Jo. I keep forgetting about my new toy.


Deby said...

Love the pics Lesley especially the one over the river with the Abbey in the backgorund.

I should look in to the NT memberships x

Anonymous said...

We bought my mum and stepdad NT membership for Christmas and they have been thrilled with it. Adrian and I have been members for years and aside from preserving some wonderful landscape and architecture, it's an invaluable network of tea rooms and loos all over the country!!

Love the photos and you should definitely make a mini book from them. I adore the arches - I'm a bit obsessed with arches and doorways actually.

stamp and scrape said...

The Think Monday Think ATC challenge is on architecture this week. Some of your photos would be marvellous for that theme.

Anonymous said...

I love Elusive Images stamps and can't pass up an opportunity to enter my name to win the new ones shown in your blog

Val GG member